Jon Val Hair Salon in Groveland, MA

Your local best beauty shop...

Servicing our clientele for more than 35 years, you would think that we have gathered some little secrets to make you feel beautiful everyday… 
Of course we did! And we are sharing some of our “FAVES” products that add values to our services…




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Your Local's Best Beauty Shop

Everyday Beautiful!!!

Jon Val Hair Salon in Groveland, MA
Friendly by Design

Long, beautiful, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen... We adore hair!

Located on Elm Park in Groveland just by the Groveland bridge. Jon Val Hair Salon is one of the premier hair salons in the area.  The salon offers hair services to men and women of any hair type and style: edgy or classic, straight or curly, short or long and creates forward-thinking sophisticated style for your special occasions...


We adore hair, yet, we can take care of your skin!

To add an element of beauty, we feature full makeup applications and professional skin care.

We only use professional hair products for beautiful healthy hair. We believe that hair-cutting and styling should be defined by your hair's natural composition and shape.

Our motto is to give superior customer service consistently with happy positive attitude while standing within affordable budget for families!

Jon Val Hair Salon in Groveland, MA
Comtemporary & Knowlegeable

Come experience a family atmosphere where you come as guests and leave as friends.

Jon Val Hair Salon in Groveland, MA
Servicing our clientele since 1980